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Anthem Mastering provides specialized audio mastering services to clients from all over North America. Hundreds of independent and small-label musicians rely on Anthem Mastering to help them deliver their music to audiences in its most engaging, carefully prepared form.

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Answers for FAQs
Why choose Anthem Mastering?

The mastering process is critical for delivering an engaging, digitally viable recording to the marketplace. Hundreds of labels, producers, and independent musicians trust Anthem Mastering to provide great sounding audio and meticulous attention to details.

Anthem Mastering is an Apple®-approved Mastered for iTunes® provider. If you're planning on releasing new material or reissuing back-catalog as Mastered for iTunes®, we can provide the materials you'll need to ensure that your music is transparently and faithfully distributed the way you intended it to be heard.

It is just as important to address the delivery requirements for digital music distribution as it is to make a great sounding project. Anthem Mastering is a specialized mastering provider - these are the details we handle every day.

How much does it cost?

$50 per song for CD-DA/DDP® and Mastered for iTunes® deliverables. Transfer, archive, and other projects that aren't song-based are billed at $75 per hour. If you have more specific questions about rates or scheduling, please email booking@anthemmastering.com or call Rob Schlette at 314.669.1472 to discuss your project.

We accept personal and corporate checks, as well as PayPal. Full payment is required before we will release, ship, or upload deliverables.

How do I get my mixes to Anthem Mastering?

Anthem Mastering will provide clients with secure dropbox or ftp resources to upload mix files and session notes. For mixes delivered on 1/4-inch or 1/2-inch tape, please email first to get specific shipping instructions. Do not ship tapes or hard drives that are not backed up.

What other information should I provide for the mastering process?

In addition to your mix masters, we'll need:

If you need hard-copy CD-DA masters, we'll also need a shipping address.

What is Disc Description Protocol® (DDP)?

Anthem Mastering will provide a DDP® image for CD-DA reference and delivery. Disc Description Protocol® (DDP) is a standardized format for providing a master disc image for CD or DVD replication. DDP® images can be uploaded directly to replicators for seamless, dependable master delivery. Check out this article for more information about using DDP®.

There is nothing more reliable than DDP® for delivering your replication data. That said, some replicators still choose to require hard-copy CD delivery. In this case, be sure to provide an appropriate shipping address for CD-DA masters and reference discs.

What is ISRC?

The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) is issued by the US ISRC as a tool for identification and catalog administration. If you provide ISRC numbers, we can include this information in the metadata on your Red Book CD-DA master. For more information on obtaining ISRC numbers prior to your mastering session, check out this page.

What is CD-Text?

CD-Text is an Interactive Text Transmission System (ITTS) that was added to the Red Book CD-DA standard in 1996. Using CD-Text, information like Artist Name, Album Title, and Song Title is stored in the lead-in of a Red Book CD. CD players and CD-ROM drives that support CD-Text can display that information during playback.

CD-Text does not supply metadata to digital media applications like iTunes, WMP, or Spotify. Rather, these types of applications use online databases like the Gracenote CDDB to access a much more detailed set of track-specific metadata.

CD database information must be submitted separately. Submitting to the Gracenote CDDB is as simple as inserting the CD into your computer, manually entering the information into the appropriate fields in iTunes, and choosing ‘Submit CD Track Names’ from the Options menu. For more information, visit Gracenote's FAQ.

Are there industry-standard guidelines for bouncing/creating digital mix masters?

Yes. The P&E Wing of the Recording Academy maintains: "Recommendations for Delivery of Recorded Music Projects"

About Anthem Mastering

Anthem Mastering is located in St. Louis, MO, USA. Chief engineer Rob Schlette maintains a variety of specialized mastering tools to ensure that audiences get to hear the music you imagine. The studio features:

In addition to providing masters for CD-DA, DDP®, and a variety of encoded digital formats, Anthem Mastering is also an Apple®-approved Mastered for iTunes® provider.

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