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Anthem Mastering provides specialized audio mastering services to hundreds of independent musicians and record labels. Since 1995, clients have been relying on Rob Schlette to help them deliver their music in its most engaging, carefully prepared form.

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Selected Credits

The 442s
Ada Jane
"The Pauses Between"
"Tiger Says"
All the Right Moves
"The Monster I've Become"
The Alpha Centauri
American Youth
"American Youth"
Arlen Asher
"Lovesome Jazz Woodwinds"
As We Are
"As We Are"
The Audible Doctor (AMD)
The Beach Scene
"Off Duty"
"How's This for a Good Time?"
Beacon James
"Like Smoke"
Ben Cook-Feltz
"The Albatross"
"Ben Cook-Feltz and You"
Benny K
Bitch N' Brown
"Bitch N' Brown"
Black Fast
"Starving Out the Light"
Blame Someone Else
"Blame Someone Else"
The Bob Pat Band
"Rely On"
"White Boyfriend"
Brass Messengers
Breakmouth Annie
upcoming release
Bryan and Lola
"Bryan and Lola"
Arthur L.A. Buckner
"It Doesn't Matter" (digital release)
Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps
"Backyard Tent Set"
Cassondra Lea
"Faces I Meet"
Chinese IX
"All Signs Point To Nothing"
City of Sound
Susan Clark
"Sunlight of the Soul"
The Como Avenue Jug Band
"Jug Band Way"
"The Como Ave Jug Band Tries Again"
Common Time
"Crossing Paths"
Zeb Cruikshank
"Long Time Coming"
89.3 The Current
"5th Anniversary Compilation"
"Live Current Vol 6"
"Local Current"
Matt Curney
"Strange Education"
"World Spinning Madly"
Dance Upon Nothing
"Lost WAVs"
"The Constant Fight"
Deadwood Stone
Dearling Physique
Del Recoveco
"Mundo Para Locos"
The Details
"Marching Sound"
Dr. Gloop
"Recipe for a Poisoned Omelette"
"Accidental Grace"
"Bump and Slide" (Mix)
Dream On Nilsson
"Dream On Nilsson"
Economy Team
"Kiss and Fondle"
Tricia Eisen
"Life Is Wonderful"
Enchanted Ape
"Off the Ground"
Paul Engels
"Paul Engels"
Rcky Epsinoza
"Texas is My Home"
"Winter Trails"
The Fishpaws
"The Fishpaws"
The Fontanelles
"Strangers Please Take Care"
Foreign Motion
"In Flight"
Fort Wilson Riot
"FWR EP" (Eng, Prod)
"Idigaragua" (Eng, Prod)
"Predator Prey" (ME)
"Generation Complex" (Mix, ME)
The Fourth Assignment
"Volume One"
"Volume Two"
Fox and Coyote
"If We Stay"
"The Truth We Both Knew"
Bob Frey
"Nothing Hid"
"LongShot Deal"
Friends By Fire
"Best Kept Secret"
"Ghost Mouth"
"Toast Mouth"
The Grain
"The Grain"
"MOD/YAR" 12"
"It/Wait/Bad" 12"
Benny Green and Bucky Pizzarelli
"Benny Green and Bucky Pizzarelli Live at the Dakota"
"Between Themselves"
"I Want a Divorce"
Gypsy Lumberjacks
"Live at The Sound Gallery"
"Pulling Upon the Strap"
"Giants of America"
Emily Haavik
"New Beginning Girl"
The Halcyon Brothers
"The Halcyon Brothers"
"Handlebar EP"
Wynand Hansen
Mylo Haze and Rich Harris
Hidden Whale
"Close Encounter"
High Hopes
The Horseshoe Spatulas
"Who's Next on the Doomsday Parade?"
"Radio Frequencies of Love and Fear"
Hunting Club
Robert Hynes Band
"My Machez A Mio"
I, Colossus
"I, Colossus"
Ice Palace
"Wonder Subtly Crushing Us"
Iced Ink
"There's a Bee In Here"
It From Bit
"Make Some Noise" (Mix)
JP Hoe
"The Beta Project" with Quinzy
"The Dear John Letters"
Scott Jarrett
"The Gift of Thirst"
The Johnson Twins
"Mississippi Monster"
Josh Von Mink
"Little Black Charms"
Julie Biggs
"Passions: The Art of Seduction"
Karate Bikini
"Sauce of the Apple Horse"
Rachael Kilgour
"Will You Marry Me?"
"Whistleblower's Manifesto: Songs for a New Revolution"
Chris Koza
"Beyond The Divide: A Film Soundtrack"
Kyle Spotted Elk
"Kyle Spotted Elk"
Lack of Flaws
"B Side"
Laundromat Vacation
"Finite Infinite"
The Living Royals
"Glass Castle"
Little Falcon
"Funny Guy"
Little Time Off
"Make It or Break It"
The Lost Wheels
"Rule for a Day"
Sheldon Low
"Dark to Light"
Derek Luttrell
"Derek Luttrell"
Magic Black Pumas
"Sticky Confection"
Mandatory Air
"Take Me Home"
Maps of Norway
"Die Off Songbird"
Chris Martland
Nick May
"Be Heard"
McNally Smith College of Music
"Seven Song Cycle"
"Best of 2011"
McNasty Brass Band
"McNasty Brass Band EP"
"King Size Life"
Me and My Arrow
"Me and My Arrow"
"EP #2"
"EP #3"
Summer Singles 2012
Media Addicts
Brian Miller
"Minnesota Lumberjack Songs"
Mississippi Hot Club
"Flour and Sawdust"
The Monolithic
"The Monolithic"
More Than Lights
"The Electric Prescription"
"Funs On Our Team"
The Morning After
"The Morning After"
"Summer In the Backseat"
"The Thoughts EP"
"How Dark"
"A Cat Named Murzik"
Dan Musselman
The Muteflutes
"Hideaway Love"
The New Monarchs
New Sound Underground
"New Sound Underground"
"Push" (digital release)
"Something About Today"
Paul Nipper
"Lead Me Into Temptation"
Nooky Jones
"Nooky Jones"
Travid Nordlund
"Divide Avenue"
Zachary Miles Ojeda
"Every Perfect Ending"
Old Capital Square Dance Club
"Long White Ride"
Wyatt Overman
"Two Winters"
PB and the Jam
"Pocket Protectors"
The Paper Days
"Northern Sky"
Parts For All Makes
"Shrinkwrapped Hearts and Paper Dolls" (Mix)
"These Arms Are Not Forever"
Paul Bergren
"In the Shade"
Jacy Pelstring
"Everyone Needs Faith"
"Take Your Best Shot"
"The Sliver Surfer"
The Perms
"Keeps You Up When You're Down"
Scott Place
"Got Something to Say"
"The Long Way Home"
"Separate / Weak"
Queen of France
"Thank You, I'll Have Several Of Those"
"There You Have It, Andrea"
Diana Rose
"You're Enough"
The Rotors
"Trapped Here By Gravity"
Robots From the Future
"Lost and Found"
Scene of Irony
"We Own the Night"
""Wolves in Punk Clothing"
Becky Shaheen
"Serial Dream"
Seldom Seen
"To Soften the Impact" (Eng, Prod)
Sexy Delicious
"Fatty Casual"
"Life Could Be a Dream"
Sister Species
"Closer Now"
"Heartbeat. A Flameout."
"What's In The Box"
Southside Aces
"A Big Fine Thing"
"Second Thursday"
Southside Desire
"Southside Desire"
Sol Spectre
"Coriolis Effect"
Speed's The Name
"Speed's the Name"
"No Planets Exist"
Stacy K
"Swarming with Frenzy, Swirling with Delight"
"Hotel Colfax"
Steven J Push
"Steven J Push"
The Still Montgomeries
"The Still Montgomeries"
Street Capital
"Street Capital"
Jan Stroup
"Lonna With the Radio On" (Eng, Mix)
Tyler Sussman
"Spaceship Earth"
"Liquid Prisms"
"Symmetry Somewhere" [additional mastering]
Theo Brown Music
"The Void"
Trenton P
"So ILL"
"Seasoned With Hunger"
"Genuine Imitation"
Max Tucker
"Project 2015"
Tuesday's Robot
"Sunshine Melodies"
Two Tap Trio
"A Night at the Fair"
Useful Jenkins
"Festival Express"
"Forward Motion"
The Valley Few
"The Valley Few"
Vega Productions
"Minnesota Beatle Project, Vol. I"
"Minnesota Beatle Project, Vol. II"
"Minnesota Beatle Project, Vol. III"
"Minnesota Beatle Project, Vol. IV"
"Minnesota Beatle Project, Vol. V"
Mark Verdin
Vonnie Kyle
"Run, Run"
WaWa Alchemy
"WaWa Alchemy"
Ann Walton
"Top of the Hill"
Warehouse Eyes
Sarah Winters
"Smallest Bones"
Yasen Marie
"Missing You... Sort Of"
Jill Zimmerman
Luke Zimmerman
"Heyday for the Naysayers"
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